Michael Gandolfi – Winter Light: With Strings Attached

With Strings AttachedRecently featured on WNYC’s “New Sounds”, Michael Gandolfi’s Winter Light shows why this new composer is quickly becoming a star in more than just contemporary concert music. It is also another piece on the album inspired by poetry. The work consists of two movements, “Falling Snow” and “Opal,” which both come from American poet Amy Lowell’s collection Pictures of the Floating World.

The poetry in “Falling Snow” depicts an unadorned human experience, and through it, an elegiac acknowledgment of life’s transitory nature. “Opal”features an emotional and erotic relationship between to women, and the woman to whom “Opal” is addressed was actress Ada Dwyer Russell whom Lowell met in Boston in 1909. It acknowledges and embraces love’s potential for both fulfillment and frustration in its extraordinary apposition of heat and cold, pleasure and pain, in the same moment.

Listen to samples from Winter Light:

For more on composer Michael Gandolfi, please visit www.michaelgandolfi.com

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  1. I recently heard “Fourth Chickasaw Variations” by Michael Gandolfi played by the Memphis Symphony & would like to find out if there’s a CD available to buy, specifically with the Chickasaw Variations & a sample of more music by this composer.

    1. asq4 says:

      Our CD with music by Michael Gandolfi is available on Amazon, not sure about a recording of that work in particular, but here’s a link to his recordings page.

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