MusicWeb International Reviews Mozart Haydn Quartets

MusicWeb International has a new review of our Mozart: Homage — the Six Quartets Dedicated to Haydn recording:

“Individually, Mozart’s ‘Haydn’ Quartets have been recorded countless times by every string quartet worth its salt…The ASQ – who last year celebrated their 30th anniversary – are hard to fault in any regard: their professionalism is immaculate, their ensemble experience huge and telling, their instrument mastery practically faultless. They exhibit a Classical elegance and textural clarity that Haydn would surely have approved of. For those not on a budget, this is a safe purchase that will repay the outlay with hours of repeated pleasure.

Sound quality is very good indeed, as it invariably is at the AAAL: intimate, yet spacious, with all four instruments beautifully defined. The accompanying booklet is excellent – notes by Eric Bromberger provide just the right amount of detail for everyman and expert alike…” — MusicWeb International

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