With Strings Attached Gets a Rave from MusicWeb International

With Strings AttachedRecent release With Strings Attached, featuring the ASQ and the San Francisco Choral Artists gets a rave review from MusicWeb International:

“Alongside music by big classical names we get some transcriptions, and some interesting new works commissioned for the project. The old and the new combine to create a beautiful program shining like facets of a beautifully cut crystal. The performances are is expressive and subtle, and the entire disc is highly gratifying.

“Throughout the disc, the string quartet is sonorous and lean. The chorus is taut and crisp. The entire experience is very clean and dry in a good sense, without wobbly wateriness or lush puffing. The program is filled with beautiful and diverse music, thought-provoking and heartwarming: romantic at its core, though carried over the span of two hundred years. The new works, commissioned for this project, are written to the highest level of inspiration and skill. This combination of forces is uncommon, and the composers were clearly intrigued by the opportunity and put their best foot (ear?) forward. Nothing here to complain about; only to like more and more.” — Oleg Ledeniov, MusicWeb International

Read the full review on www.musicweb-international.com!

Purchase With Strings Attached:

Allegro Classical


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