Positive Feedback Online Raves About Bartók & Kodály


Bartók & Kodály review in Positive Feedback OnlineBob Neill has a fantastic and lengthy review of our new Bartók & Kodály release in the new September/October Issue of Positive Feedback:

“The first thing we notice as we work our way though the (three CD) album is the weight and power the Alexanders bring to bear on, or more likely bring out of, this music. I have heard these quartets played with less force and less pace—and with more suavity—by the beloved Vegh Quartet, for example. But that is not the Alexanders’ way. They hear Bartók’s string quartets as modernist monuments and their interpretation aims to make that case. Which it surely does.

“This music announces the presence of a new voice, striding across the musical stage as it nears its conclusion. It has an annunciatory quality. The Alexanders capture this, playing the music as the major statement it clearly is. Both Bartók and the Alexanders grab us and propel us forward: Come this way, they all seem to say.

“I ‘know’ this music but the Alexanders really do estrange it and make it stunningly new… This has been an extraordinary two weeks of listening…” —Bob Neill, Positive Feedback

Read the fantastic, thorough review at www.positive-feedback.com!


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