Fanfare With A New Rave For Bartók & Kodály

bartók & kodály: complete string quartets | cover artworkJerry Dubins recently published a rave review of our Bartók & Kodály recording for Fanfare Magazine subscribers, calling it one of “the finest Bartók quartets on record.”

“This is a superb new Bartók string quartet cycle, and one I shall return to often … Consequently, by reason alone of it being an invaluable addition to the discography, the Alexander’s new release would be a compellingly recommended purchase. But that is not the only reason you are urged to acquire this set. Kodály’s quartets are enriching works of great beauty, played by the Alexander with gorgeous tonal bloom and stirring communicative expressiveness. Add to that some of the finest Bartók quartets on record, and you have a fantastic package tied with a bow of stunning recorded sound.” —Jerry Dubins, Fanfare

Find the full review in the Jan/Feb issue of Fanfare Magazine

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