Pictures on Silence Reviews Bartók & Kodály

bartók & kodály: complete string quartets | cover artworkAfter a rave review of one of our latest releases, Don Clark has a new review for our Bartók & Kodály recording:

“The Alexanders dig into this music with technically secure, well paced performances… The Alexanders’ performances are dramatic, lean and intense, but never unpleasant or forced. Clean, clear and on pitch pizzicati are noteworthy throughout the three discs… The quartet has a fine feel for the folk music elements and relish them at every turn without exaggerating or even detaching them from the overall texture. … As with every Foghorn Classics release I have encountered, complete, legible and intelligent notes are part of the package. Add these always intelligent, intense, musical, satisfying and well recorded performances… you have a special release indeed.” —Don Clark, Pictures on Silence

Read the full review on the Pictures on Silence Blog!

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