Vote for a new Animated Score Video!


Stephen Malinowski of the Music Animation Machine is looking to make another of his fabulous Animated Score videos from one of our Late Beethoven Quartet recordings. But we want your help deciding which one! Vote for your favorite in the poll, on a comment, or on our Facebook Page!

A look at the Music Animation Machine’s recent creations:


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  1. Rick Hefner says:

    For all those serious musicians who follow Stephen Malinowski and his Music Animation Machine, you might want to think twice about who you are heralding as a steward of the arts. Read the following blog of a conversation with Stephen Malinowski and see what is really behind his technology.

    1. asq4 says:

      The ASQ greatly enjoys collaborating with Stephen Malinowsky. Also, in the post you link to, the author Greg Sandow is extremely complimentary of his work. His recent videos for our recordings have been wonderfully received both within the quartet and the quartet’s following. Thank you for visiting our blog, and we hope you return.

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