MusicWeb International on Gershwin & Kern


Alexander String Gershwin & Kern Cover ArtA new Brian Reinhart review for our Gershwin & Kern recording is now on MusicWeb International:

“Sometimes you need a little indulgence. Do as I did and pair [the Kern songs] with French chocolate. Or you could be more ambitious and put it on in the background at your next soirée, along with some candles, merlot and prosciutto-wrapped figs…I was surprised by how much I enjoyed [the Porgy and Bess arrangements]…[Carl Davis’s] contributions are witty off-the-wall intros and outros to well-arranged Gershwin tunes. Joan Eric Lluna’s clarinet dances nimbly around the Alexander String Quartet, even brashly. It’s scored like a mini-clarinet concerto. Best is saved for last: Gershwin’s Lullaby, an authentic string quartet original that really sounds like it.” —Brian Reinhart, MusicWeb International

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