Now Available — Patagón : Cindy Cox

Cindy Cox: PatagónThis is ASQ’s second recording of Cindy Cox’s first quartet, Columba aspexit, a stunningly difficult yet delicately spiritual work of exquisite beauty. The 2nd Quartet, Patagón, was written at the request of, and dedicated to, the Alexander String Quartet on the occasion of their 30th Anniversary. Cindy wrote this powerfully evocative work chronicling her sabbatical year spent partly amongst some of Argentina’s most splendid natural sea- and landscapes celebrating the uniquely inspiring wildlife.

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“Cindy Cox and the Alexander String Quartet have enjoyed a close working relationship for almost two decades, and that strong connection comes across beautifully in this recording of Cox’s Patagón. ASQ approaches the score with their customary flair and polish, mastering the extended techniques and bringing out all the richness and eloquence of this wide-ranging composition. The result is spellbinding, and demonstrates why this composer and this string quartet are so revered and celebrated.” — SARAH CAHILL, PIANIST, WRITER, PRODUCER AND RADIO HOST (REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE, KALW)

“Her music, in my experience, is always buoyant, puckish, rhythmically alive and crisply engaging.” — JOSHUA KOSMAN, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

“Cindy Cox writes music that demonstrates an extremely refined and imaginative sense of instrumental color and texture…This is well-wrought, imaginative, and not easily classifiable music.” — ROBERT CARL, FANFARE

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